Constructing Your Own Lightsaber
Style #2

This lightsaber is modeled after Obi-wan Kenobi's in the The Phantom Menace, but it is by no means 100% accurate, though with some fairly simple modifications to the steps I have here it could be closer to the movie prop. I decided to go with components and configuration that I liked best as well as ones that would not break my budget. This entire project should cost you no more than $30 provided you already have the tools and fixatives. Check out the Parts List to see what you need. This saber really isn't that hard to build, the hardest part being the cutting of the tubes, which I promise gets easier with practice. So let's get started with the steps below.

Preparing the Emitter Tube 

Preparing the Base Tube 

Preparing the Grip Tube 

Preparing the Pommel Tube 

The Belt Clip Knob 

Assembling the Emitter 

Assembling the Grip 

Assembling the Pommel 

Finishing Touches 

Well, those are the steps. I hope that I have included enough detail make constructing your own fairly easy, but please email me if you are having any problems or have any questions. If you do make one of your own then email me and let me know how it comes out and by all means send a photo if you can. Enjoy and Good Luck....Brian.

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