Finishing Touches

Take a knurled nut.
Cut this nut into two pieces at the waist. The smaller (unridged) piece will be the blade length adjustment (BLA) and the larger piece will be the activator button. Into the top hole of the activator piece use some high strength two-part epoxy to set a small rivet. The rivet is just decorative, to keep you from having a hole in the middle of the faux button. Prime the activator(with rivet), paint it red, then seal it with clear coat. The BLA looks fine in the natural color. The symetry on the saber is tri-lateral. You should line up the BLA, the activator, and the clip knob each with a different post between the emitter vents. As you did on the clip knob, you should round out the base of the BLA and activator so that they will sit better on the emitter tube. It's a good idea to scuff up the surface of the tube where BLA and activator will be set to give the epoxy a better hold.
Take three finishing washers.
At the base of each post between the vent adhere a finishing washer with epoxy.
If you have followed these steps you should have a perfectly unmarred inner surface on your base tube which will nicely accomidate any blade, emitter detail, or electronics you'd like to add.
If you aren't concerned with that (the smooth interior), then you may want to attach the BLA and the activator with bolts & nuts as the clip knob was since these are the only components that aren't rock solid. Read the instructions on your epoxy. If it says it takes eight hours to set, then don't start poking at it for eight hours. I learned this one the hard way.

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