Grip Section Assembly

Take your rubber/vinyl ribbed flooring and cut a section about 3-7/8" x 4-1/2" with the ribs parallel with the short side.
This piece will rest behind the grip opening on the grip tube section to create your grip. You can use a hobby knife to cut out portions of the material to give your grip a pattern. I removed every other "ridge" and "trough" on mine. Experiment and find the pattern you like best. Here are a few examples.
Take a large o-ring. Place it on to the base tube close to the other o-ring.
Add two plastic washers about 4-1/2" apart.
Take your cut grip section and wrap it around your base tube between the two plastice washers. You can use a strip of black duct tape to secure it. The flooring material can be hard to work with, but you can use the same trick I did with the split tube, heating it while taped in place and letting it cool to give it the right curvature.
Take your grip tube section and work it into place over the grip and washers.The base tube should rest in the center of the grip tube. If the bolt securing the belt clip knob is pushing it to one side you may need to cut of the end of that bolt with the rotary tool. I did.

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