Grip Section

Take the 1-1/2" x 12" extension tube. The cap and washer will not be needed.
You need to use the rotary tool to cut off the threaded section of the tube. Unlike before when you cut the emitter section, you do not want to leave a small flared lip on the tube. You do, however, want to cut only the small flared section off so that the large flared section of the tube ends with no further flaring at all.
Now cut off the other end of the tube so that the overall length (after cutting off the threads) is 6". Even with the larger cut-off wheel it can be a pain to cut off this section of tube due to not being able to get the rotary tool close enough to the tube and still keep the right angle. I ended up cutting off the excess tube in sections until I got close enough to the real cut and then took my time with that one. On hindsight what I recommend is cutting it off at about 7" with a hack saw to get you easy access with the rotary tool for that last inch.

Make yourself a paper pattern for the grip cut-out. Something like this is what I used, but this a good place to personalize your saber with a cutom pattern.

Tape the the pattern down with the least tapered side at the base of the flaring section of the tube. Remeber that extra tape around the cut lines will help keep you from scratching your tube with a stray move. With the pattern in place cut out the grip with a cut-off wheel.
Clean up the cuts and fill out those corners with the sanding drum.

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