Belt Clip Knob

Take a knurled nut and a small bolt with nut as pictured.
Test the fit of the bolt into the knurled nut. The head of the bolt should be recessed slightly. It may be that way naturally, but if not use a conical grinding stone in the rotary tool to widen and deepen the hole in the knurled nut until it's right. Compare mine to the original.
Since the base of the knurled nut will rest against a rounded surface, you may want to use a round grinding stone and give the base a rounded indenture.
Take your grip tube section and drill a small hole in the flared portion opposite the grip opening.
Affixe the knurled nut with the bolt and nut.
With this knob in place you can use a belt clip (Radio Shack #21-923) to hold your saber.

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