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Constructing Your Own Lightsaber
Style #1

This custom lightsaber can be built in five steps. To find out what you'll need check out the PARTS LIST.

*click on picture for instructions

This design requires very few tools and little cutting. When I made it all I had was a cheap drill and a hand saw. But, if you don't mind cutting or drilling through metal there are a couple of options you may want to try. If you want to have a swivel style clip similar to the sabers in TPM then you drill through one side of the pommel and place a carriage bolt in place of a rubber bumper. This bolt head can be clipped into a microphone clip available at radio shack (21-923).

If you want a very, very solid design, then flip back the sections of grip that cover the threads of the control collar and pommel. Drill though the threads and countersink a few wood screws into the wooden rod below. Flip the grip back to hide the screw heads. (I haven't found this to be needed unless you plan to attach the swivel clip to the pommel for carrying. In that case I'd use a couple screws to attach the pommel as suggested above.

Good luck and enjoy and if you have any questions or comments then Write Me.

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