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I used the MVP clip because it was relatively cheap, came with two clip knobs, and included a dash mounting bracket that, when riveted to a belt, resembles the actual (Covertec) movie clip mount. You can find other clip systems at places such as Radio Shack, office supply stores, and electronic super stores. Best Buy even sells extra clip knobs (2 for $2) for the clipping systems they stock. If you want a very economical and effective alternative, use the method I used in my "Style II" tutorial, though rather than a machine screw and nut, you'll only need a wood screw this time.

The dowel I refer at this price was 48", so you're going to have enough to build about 8 sabers before you need to buy another. Don't forget that if you're at a hardware superstore you can get a cut done quickly and usually for free when you buy this.