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Do you want to build your own lightsaber?

Well, so did I, and so I did. I've built quite a few now and found that it really isn't that hard to create an attractive and unique prop. Whether it's to complete a costume or to be displayed on your bookshelf or for you to swing around in front of the mirror going "brrrmmm--brrrmmm" having your own lightsaber is a good thing. Making your own lightsaber is even better. For my last few lightsabers, I've tried very hard use only parts that are easily obtained and relatively inexpensive. I want my designs to be repeatable and repairable, so you won't find any of them made from collectable items or custom parts milled in a machine shop. I don't have those kind of resources...and most of you don't either. So my designs are just that; easily made, from fairly cheap and easy to obtain parts, I've also tried to make my instructions as clear as possible, relying heavily on photos of the steps. So hit the button to the left to choose a saber and see if you want to build one yourself.
Good Luck and Enjoy,
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Added sabers from two new contributors; Mark Young and Rick Corvus. Drop by the Yellow Box Gallery and have a look.

I've added a new saber from Hydin to the Yellow Box gallery. Check it out! The prototype for the style nine saber is done.. I should have the final version done soon and the tutorial will follow shortly there after.

I've added a new saber from Diane K. to the Yellow Box gallery. Check it out! Just to let everyone know; I have begun gathering the pieces for the next Yellow Box saber. They are currently spread all over my living room, but work has begun.

I've added a new saber from Kardon Mossk to the Yellow Box gallery. Check it out!

Great new saber added to the gallery by Diane K. Sorry for the lack of saber updates, but in the real world I run a bookstore and the pre-holiday preparations have been keeping me busy. Don't worry, more sabers are coming, but they may have to wait till the rush is over at work.... but maybe not.

New sabers added to the gallery by Tony Damata, Chad, Etoxu R'tain'ah, and Junshi. Take a look at them!

New saber by Darth Malbona added to the gallery. Check it out! Once again, if you haven't read the 9-1 update below, please do.

New saber by Chris R added to the gallery. Check it out. It's a variant of my style 8 saber and he has annotated the photos to explain the variations. You might just find something you prefer in his. If you haven't read the 9-1 update below, please do.

The instructions for Style VIII are up!

NOTE: If you have submitted a saber for the gallery and and have not seen it added, please re-submit it. My computer system was wiped do to a lightening strike and I lost several submited sabers that were about to be added and don't have the info to contact the contributors.

The gallery has been updated with new pics from C.D. Miller.

The gallery has been updated with new pics from Kardon M, J Lawrence, and Sean P.

The Yellow Box saber gallery is now open! Check it out. Send your pics!

My email service went down for a couple days, so if anyone sent me any messages between 7-30 and 8-2, please send them again. Sorry. The good news is that I've finished the final version of the style VIII saber. Instructions should be up within a week.

Okay, the gallery is up. It's in its infancy right now, so help me get it going by sending me some pics.

Okay folks, I need your help. I'm ready to start putting up my "homemade" saber gallery. So if you've made a lightsaber, either from my instructions or not, then please send me some pictures of it so that I can display it here. If you send me a picture of your saber I would like for you to give me your name(first and last initial) and/or screen name, let me know if I can include your email address with your pic, and also give me the address of your own webpage if you'd like to have a link to it included.

As far as my lightsabers go, I have completed the prototype for the style VIII saber and should be able to build and photograph the final version and get the instructions up in about two weeks. Maybe less. I think you'll like it. Stop in at the Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy Message Board to see some photos of the prototype. I spend a lot of time on this message board so it's great place to stay up on what's going on with me and my site.

Style VII is up! It is a double bladed dueling saber. Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm planning on setting up a "homemade" saber gallery sometime next month so watch for it and send me some pictures of your projects when you see it.

Style VI is up! When I started putting up these instructions I had a personal goal of getting six sets of clear and easy instructions up in time for the next Halloween rush. That's what got me to build my first saber..a Halloween costume, and I would have loved to have had some help then. Well I've gotten my six plans up faster than I hoped. Don't worry, I'll continue to add plans to the site. You couldn't stop me building lightsabers if you tried. Now, though I can focus on a few things that need attention like, redoing the style 1 and 2 instrucions to match the others, setting up a tool/supply guide for the site, and some tweaking on my own Jedi costume. There are also a couple specialty saber projects I'm going to be working on such as bladed dueling sabers and the often requested double-bladed saber. I hope everyone enjoys the new design.

Style V is up! Hope everyone likes it. Also, for those of you with out a Lowe's in your area who were having trouble finding the showerhead for Style IV, Ace Hardware sells the same style in a bubble pack with their namebrand on it for $3.99.

Finally started setting up the LINKS section. I put some of my favorites up, but still have more to add.

The Style #4 page is up! Stop in and check it out. I've got almost everything (except one piece--I hope) for the Style #5 saber, but I haven't worked out all the details yet, let alone any actual construction. This next one will be styled more towards the sabers of the original trilogy. First, though, I need to get my LINKS page up and running.

Corrected a one character error in my HTML code that was keeping the pages from displaying properly on some browsers. Sorry, if anyone out there had to try to read yellow-on-white text. Three months ago I didn't know a single HTML command, and I am still no master...but I'm learning. The plans for Style #4 should be up in just a few days. If anyone has problems viewing pages on my site, and you are using a current version of Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer, let me know.

Uploaded some new graphics today to give the site a more "Lightsaber" look. No content change today, but I have finished the upcoming "style 4" saber. I have built the prototype and another in order to photograph the steps. All I need to do now is the coding for the new style. Hopefully it will be up in about a week.

I have changed the frame configuration for the Style #3 page to make it easier to read the instructions. There were some minor tweaks then needed throughout the #3 site to make the new layout work. No real change in content. I hope the new layout is an improvement for everyone.

The plans for the STYLE #3 saber are up as well small adjustments throughout the site. My study of HTML continues, so refinements shall almost certainly be forthcoming, though the recoding of styles 1 & 2 will have to wait a while.

Today marks the first stage of the makeover for "Lightsabers from the Big Yellow Box" (LBYB). Until now I've used a web editing program to create my pages, but I want to wean myself off of those and develope some competence with HTML. Today I've replaced the main page for the site with the new hand-coded one. The links section is not yet up and the instructions for the Style #3 saber are not yet done. The links to Style #1 and #2 are still to the old pages, but those will also be retrofitted in the future to match the new page layout.