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Do you want to build your own lightsaber? Well, so did I, and so I did. I've built quite a few now and found that it really isn't that hard to create an attractive and unique prop. Whether it's to complete a costume or to be displayed on your bookshelf or for you to swing around in front of the mirror going "brrrmmm--brrrmmm" having your own lightsaber is a good thing. Making your own lightsaber is even better. For my last few lightsabers, I've tried very hard use only parts that are easily obtained and relatively inexpensive. I want my designs to be repeatable and repairable, so you won't find any of them made from collectable items or custom parts milled in a machine shop. I don't have those kind of resources...and most of you don't either. So my designs are just that; easily made, from fairly cheap and easy to obtain parts, I've also tried to make my instructions as clear as possible, relying heavily on photos of the steps. So hit the button to the left to choose a saber and see if you want to build one yourself.

Good Luck and Enjoy,